The Pendulum that talks while it swings!

If you were to see me for a first time, I bet that you will be impressed by my well behaved, rational, sane girl image. Yeah, people usually fall for that!  But the crux of the matter is that I am not all that I look like. Looks are deceiving, ain’t so?

My mother would be the first to vouch that I am the most rebellious kid she has ever had the misfortune to meet. My father has once made the observation that I am the problem child of the family. Of course I am not all trouble 😛 Its just that I am slightly pig-headed (I like to rephrase it as highly opinionated), very sure of myself and has an uncanny ability to make choices that everyone disapproves of (but works perfectly for me).

I am an incurable romantic and a bitter cynic rolled into one. Some days are sunflowers and rainbows for me while some others are just grey themed by default. I rejoice at the glory of life at times and the next second I am depressed by the shit- show that the world is. I may be brimming with excitement a day and would look drained of all things good the very next day. There are middle grounds too. Some days I am the most rational, level headed being on earth who takes everything in its stride.   Yes, I swing between extremes and often find peace in the middle land. Hence the name of the blog; Vocal Pendulum.



33 thoughts on “The Pendulum that talks while it swings!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the thought. However, I haven’t yet made up my mind on awards and am putting off doing that. Procrastinating much: P Hope you wouldn’t mind???

      PS: I looked into your award post and it reads wonderful!!!

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  1. And hey, I think we are made of the same material… mood swings and vicissitudes of life are my blood and beat… and reading this piece, (other than the fact that I was reminded of Dickens, thanks to your choice words and long sentences) I feel there are a lot more YAs like us… thanks for saying I am not alone 🙂

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  2. Vocal Pendulum! Nice. I remembered one real vocal pendulum; it use to hit both the sides while swinging! 😉
    ….however, seeing your posts…it looks like rather than vocal pendulum, it could be cool pendulum! 🙂

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  3. Love it, absolutely love it – that is me plus I am a Loner does not bother me. Used to worry all the time what other thought of me, maybe its my age (getting on but my Sons tell me I don’t look it, all helps), I no longer worry what others think. Keep going, I am hooked already.

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  4. Clare, really happy to travel through the trail of yours thoughts. It’s indeed a beautiful journey to read through each of vocal pendulam posts and you can count me as an ardent fan of your beautifully knitted sentences…

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