A life less free

This is a horrifying account of reality that I wish with all my might were untrue. The Grateful Dead has done an admirable job of voicing it. She answered my request to reblog it with “More the awareness, higher would be the chance to change things”! I cannot agree more. Read and share everyone…

The Grateful Dead

This story is based on a true incident, though I have incorporated enough fiction to make it sound unreal. In India, there are some villages in Maharashtra where there is a practice that is still continued. Once the girl child reaches puberty, she is taken to the “market place” and put on auction. The highest bidder gets to be her “husband” for the agreed upon time frame. There is exchange of contract notes to formalize the purchase. After the time is over, the girl is once again put on sale with a higher price since she is now “experienced” in giving pleasure. If she gets pregnant or has a child, her price increases further since she is fertile. The girls are helpless sheep who are sold from one customer to another with absolutely no say. When the parents are the exploiters, who can she go to for protection? All the…

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15 thoughts on “A life less free

  1. Thank you for the reply. I think it’s important to support each other in our efforts, as it’s so easy to feel deflated and want to give up. I’m glad to hear my piece resonated with you.

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  2. Sometimes, I wonder if we are wasting our energy trying to change the world. But then I think of how I would feel if I stopped trying. Either way, it’s bad. At least when I’m trying, I have hope.

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    1. Well said. Maybe we do not succeed in making the world a better place. But the smallest impact that we do have can make our surroundings a better place! So what if the whole world isn’t listening to my inputs? I can still hold my head high confident that I have tried. I am trying and I am glad about it 🙂

      PS: I am very grateful that you wrote that piece on sexual abuse. It was thought provoking and comforting to classify oneself as victim rather than the catalyst.


    1. I agree. No man with an ounce of self respect would force himself on other. It takes the most rotten, vile kind to behave so. What is even more sad is that such a practice happens in a society right now as I type these out. Surely, all can’t be that bad? How can everyone else around tolerate such horror?

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      1. Its a proof that India is still a backward country….behind economical barriers..this type of brutal traditions leads our country backward. I mean why didn’t government still didn’t notice that… Moreover education is important to civilize to this generation. I think they are uneducated bastards…😠…feeling shame to hear that😢

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        1. I can understand the frustration. I hate when India is referred to as a backward nation, but at times like these, I cannot help but agree. We definitely have our faults and it is disgraceful that people find it okay. India is after all a democracy and the governments reflect the sentiments of the majority. If the governance is ineffective, that is because people prefer to keep it so. It all comes down to educating ourselves and deciding which is right rather than easy.

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