The Post That I Have No Clue What To Call- Part 1

When I started this blog I naively expected that any readers I might have will consist of people I know or friends of people I know. And to my enormous delight, I was proven wrong. I am meeting people from all over the world and entertaining new insights each day. Except for the first few days when I focused all my energy on bribing my friends into reading my posts (not many of them have chosen to stick around) I threw myself into constant reading and growing.  Some of my acquaintances ran away the first chance they found (cannot really blame them) cos they were mostly people who never read, let alone a blog and didn’t enjoy being force-fed blog entries.

But then, I noted that the traffic was slowly picking up and that people actually started reading them. I, in turn devoted a couple of hours most days, reading and commenting on other lovely blogs. Along the way, I met people of all sorts. I met amazing people I will admire forever, jerks who took the concept of jerkhood to a whole new level, whiners who were capable of depressing anyone with a single post, cynics who devoted their time to being rude to everyone, teenagers with amazing insights and some others being downright silly. I read feminist entries, feminazi entries, stupid ones, boring ones and some that read like text books for bloggers. I followed some, unfollowed some, shared my views, wisely kept my mouth shut for fear of offending some, and even lashed out at a few. Each time I gained a new visitor or my stats showed a couple more views, I was over the moon with delight. Comments were like virtual chocolates, I greedily ate up what I got and looked around to see where I can find more.

With all my random readers, binge reading and fooling around, I realized exactly how diverse we are. Our thought process, perspectives and understanding of normalcy…too vast! I sometimes have trouble understanding why people of a different culture throw a fit over something that is very everyday-ish for someone of my upbringing. It is of no use pretending that I am exactly the same as you. No, I did not get that joke even though I pretended to smile at it. Yes, I had to look up the phrase in google before I decided to use it. I am not a native English speaker and my writing is bound to tell you the same. I never got around to telling you who I am or where I am from and I will now give you a few specifics.

Hi, I am Clare! I am 23, a small town girl, working as a Content Writer, an unusual career choice among my peers in this part of the world. I am from Kerala, a state in India and my beliefs, outlooks and value system owe big time to the unique culture and way of living down here.

The Part Two of this post is an assortment of some narrow habits that is considered perfectly normal here. If you are not from India or even not a Keralaite (because India is a cultural mosaic and what I know holds true only in our tiny state) you could read them to gain a peek on how different it is here. If you are a fellow Malayalee then we could share some amused grins at our narrow normalcy. Read on…


4 thoughts on “The Post That I Have No Clue What To Call- Part 1

  1. 🙂 Many thanx for visiting my blog regularly! A friend of mine asked about the identity of ‘Strictly Lighthearted’. And I was mighty glad to show off my blogger connections. Needless to say, she was rather impressed 😉


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