8 Times When Ignorance Was Blissful

There are times when I mess up things. Okay, I mess things up all the time. But there are certain times when I blame it all on realizations and convince myself this: had I not known thaat, the world would have been a much better place. 8 things that always make my list:

  1. When I tried my hand at baking. I am quite an all right cook and so I assumed that baking will be a literal cake walk. I was wrong. Long story short, my brother refers to my baking expeditions as ‘Her Thousand and One Epic Failures’. I know, he is a poet 😦
  2. Each time I look up my bank statement. I really could have gone without the facts. It’s now impossible to unknow that tiny number (at least until the next pay check).
  3. That the bed I have slept in since childhood was once accused to be haunted. Yeah, I came to know the story only very recently. A guy was supposedly murdered (framed as a suicide because he was found hanging in his room) above this very bed. His furniture was sold in an auction and my grandfather bought it at a bargain price. It was always a normal piece of furniture until my father narrated the story of how we came to own it. Definitely knowledge that I could have done without.
  4. Some supposed-to-be handy tips. Be it writing, cooking, DIY projects, sometimes I try to cram in all the tips that I gathered over time and the result is disastrous. I end up wishing for a time turner.
  5. The story of Jack the Ripper. I cannot shake off the feeling that this guy is lurking in my room with a hammer ready to knock me dead. Happens all the time I wake up from a nightmare and imagine shadows moving in the dark.
  6. Knowledge of the most sinister illnesses and symptoms! I easily panic thinking that I may have caught it and walk around with a heavy heart for a few days until I forget all about my morbid disease. The more ignorant, the happier I am.
  7. The story of my great grandmother who smashed a little viper with her pregnant belly. She was heavily pregnant and one morning woke up to find that beneath her belly was a dead poisonous snake. It was assumed that the snake never got a chance under the weight of her swollen stomach, a fact attested by my great grand mother and grandfather being alive. Lucky them but a gruesome tale! The occasional magazine or pencil under the blankets worry the shit out of me…
  8. Hollywood horror movies! Growing up the only horror stuff I watched was in Malayalam and they all featured a female ghost (or was that ghostess?) pursuing revenge. She only murders the villains and was never interested in the innocent ones who happened to be in the movie plot. Thanks to this, I happily snored in my (haunted) bed imagining that no ghosts will waste their time on poor me having never plotted any murder. (The time with my brother doesn’t count because I never got around doing it). But Hollywood ghosts destroyed that notion with their decaying skin and ugly nails that kill everybody around without any logic.

Hey ghosts, calling you ugly doesn’t require capital punishment, okay? Chill!                     (Just in case…)

I used to be much happier being clueless. Ignorance is bliss!

What are those things that you wished you had never known? Share a story???

34 thoughts on “8 Times When Ignorance Was Blissful

    1. Alright. I’ll give that you are horrible in cooking. But aren’t you good at dancing AND singing? How unfair is that 😀

      The ghostly figure…oh, i nearly forgot that. Thanks for the reminder. Am sure my nightmares will thank you later!


  1. I just went back and read this once again. Always cracks me up 😀 Especially the story about the viper under your great grandmother’s belly! It’s so scary and funny at the same time!


  2. Lol 🤔😛I love this blog post. Truly #6 resonates with me. And once Dr Google intervenes…sheer mayhem. I start thinking I only have a matter of hours to live. Damn right..the less we know the happier we are!

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          1. Same here, Clare. I started thinking the same, but over 3 years I’ve met some really wonderful people who I adore and respect tremendously.
            And now you are one of those precious friends 🙂 So glad that we crossed paths here. ❤

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    1. I would have too. But on second thoughts, I grew up with it and it seemed silly to give it up just because I knew something new. Plus, i get to brag about my haunted bed! You wouldn’t believe the hero status that piece of furniture holds in my family. My brother begs to exchange it with his so he can act cool…
      Baking disaster? Join the club!

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      1. Deep fried AND coated in lots of sugar! Baking can be a curse sometimes as it puts you off your favourite desserts after you see the amount of sugar that goes in … That’s why I have never tried baking croissants .. I’d rather not know how much butter it is rolled in!

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    1. That is very comforting to know… we all have our own demons, huh? I am glad too that you didn’t scare yourself with what may or may not your furniture witnessed in an alternate world. Too many possibilities. Now that your husband is back home, please indulge in some creepy scenarios though!!!

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  3. ‘ignorance is blissful’…that is indeed a well- fitting statement made right there….beware…i believe that the ghosts have really felt offended…just doble check beneath your bed and give those curtains in your room a trembling shake before slipping into that beauty sleeppp…..haha

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    1. I will let you on my secret…I cannot bring myself to move from my bed and actually look beneath it to see who or what is lurking beneath. So I shut my eyes tight and wait for it to come to me. And then try to convince myself that I am being silly and simultaneously build up a good scream for the worst case scenario! There, I said it!!!


  4. That story with the bed is soo damn creepy! I am now worried about the history of the furniture at my home! :/
    Malayalam had some really scary ghosts. But yeah, they always went for the people who were bad to them when they were alive so I always thought I was safe too 😀

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